The Lazy Evaluator

A few weeks ago, I presented an Ignite presentation at the Canadian Evaluation Society’s annual conference in Calgary. When I wrote the proposal for this session back in December 2017, I already had the idea for this blog in mind but hadn’t decided on a title. “Lazy Evaluator” was definitely on the short list, but I’m glad to have gone with Eval en Place instead. In any case, I think the talk I gave pretty well encapsulates the ethos of Eval en Place and what I hope to accomplish through this site.

Since the conference presentations are generally not recorded, I ended up re-recording this Ignite talk as a screencast from the comfort of my office. For those not familiar with the Ignite format, the idea is that you have a presentation deck with 20 slides, with the slides switching automatically every 15 seconds for a total presentation length of 5 minutes. It’s a fun and challenging format, in that your timing has to be spot-on and your presentation focused on the key message you want to convey.

Hope you enjoy it!

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